Navigating the Talent Shortage: Creative Ways to Attract Skilled Professionals

Across sectors and across the globe, the talented employees are in high-demand and short-supply. Traditional hiring methods often fall short in keeping pace with the demands of a rapidly evolving workforce. As the market evolves, so should your hiring practices, if you want to keep pace and find (or cultivate) the right people for your […]

Building an Employer Brand: Attracting Talent in a Competitive Market

Attracting top talent requires more than a great salary and benefits package. To bring in the best candidates, you must focus on building a strong employer brand. Like product branding, employer branding creates an understanding and perception around your organization’s work-life, culture, and values. Not only will you attract top talent, but employer branding helps […]

The Art of Writing an Irresistible Job Description

Attracting top-tier candidates in a competitive job market requires an irresistible job description – not a laundry list of requirements but an invitation to take that next step in their career as part of your team. A well-written job description will engage and entice potential candidates, while making a stellar first impression. So, how do […]

Finding Great Candidates go Beyond a Resume

We all know that finding great candidates is a time consuming and expensive process. When you decide to bring in a recruitment firm to save time and reduce cost you want to be confident that they will match your organization with highly skilled candidates who can jump in and do the job you need them […]

Things you Can Do to Help you Land a Job!

Some quick tips and ideasđź’ˇ! *First, this may sound easy, but think about your interests, are you still interested in working in the same industry when things improve? If not, do your research! Take time to explore jobs in a new industry. *Make new connections! Use this time to make new connections online, by email […]

Keeping Remote Work Productive

Remote Work Productivity We are just past the one-year mark since Covid-19 changed the way the world works. What we have witnessed is the incredible ability for companies and employees to pivot, using new technologies to make keep work productive and safe by expanding remote opportunities. This has also brought on the new challenge of […]

Communication is Where it is At!

Our Favorite Communication Apps Whether it is in athletics, relationships, or the workplace, nothing is more important to success than communication. And during the pandemic, our ability to do so has been challenged and, at times obstructed. But we have also witnessed incredible innovation that allows employees to coordinate, produce, and communicate from wherever they […]

Diversity and Team Building

Team Building Essentials Collaboration between diverse people in a single team has led to some of the best and most innovative solutions within the workforce over the past few decades. But diverse teams are a double-edged sword in that they are prone to “obstacles and face resistance,” according to a recent Harvard Business Review article. […]

You Might Just Find the Perfect Job in Summer!

Three Reasons Why This Summer Is the Time to Make a Change Vacations, activities, and the craziness that is a summer schedule – why in the world would you want to add transitioning to a new career in the middle of all that? Whether you are simply looking to take that next step up in […]

Yes, Quiet Quitting is a Thing!

Quiet Quitting, according to Gallup, is costing American companies billions in annual revenue. This phenomenon is leaving a significant footprint on corporate bottom lines across the country. So, what are companies doing to prevent quiet quitting? At Acquire Talent, we work closely with our clients to help find candidates who can contribute to your team […]

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