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We all know that finding great candidates is a time consuming and expensive process. When you decide to bring in a recruitment firm to save time and reduce cost you want to be confident that they will match your organization with highly skilled candidates who can jump in and do the job you need them to. But even when the “right” candidate with the perfect skillset is found there is the possibility that their soft skills will not mesh well with the culture of your organization.

This is often a simple oversight because the focus was about matching expertise and experience to fulfill your staffing needs without properly understanding the work environment of your organization. This can lead to a short-term fix that creates lasting problems.

Employees who feel disconnected from company culture can disrupt how your entire team functions, deplete the capacity of other team members, and shift managerial focus toward solving non work-related problems, all of which affects the bottom line. When you are looking to use a recruiting firm to find top tier talent you want to make sure that they consider other factors beyond skills, training, and experience – you want them to look beyond the resumé.

Beyond the Resumé

So, what does it mean to look beyond a resumé?

  • Understanding your needs – Before searching for candidates it is important to put together a plan that accounts for the job(s) you need done, the skills and experience of potential candidates, your timeline, and your budget to name a few.
  • Partnership – After developing an understanding of your staffing needs it is time to consider the workplace environment and culture you have built. Combining our experience in recruitment with an understanding of your organization makes us an extension of your HR department, ensuring the best possible results.
  • A thorough interview process – we have already matched candidates based on their expertise and experience, and when we put that together with an in-depth understanding of what makes the culture of your organization unique, interviews become the opportunity to find candidates whose skills can be maximized within your organization’s culture.

Personal Touch

At Acquire Talent, we bring a personal touch to the recruitment process. We take our time to know and understand your company, your needs, AND your culture. Not only do we seek to match the skills you are looking for in a candidate with your staffing needs, but we carefully consider the environment you will need them to operate in. This allows us to match highly skilled candidates who possess the needed soft skills that will fit in with your culture.

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