Summer is a Great Time to Find Candidates

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We all know the challenge of recruiting top-tier talent during the summer months. This year’s summer looks like the perfect storm. It is another year of millions of job openings and even fewer qualified candidates coming through. If you add the challenges of coordinating summer schedules, vacations (your own and potential candidates), and the childcare worker shortage – summer recruitment looks daunting.

But what looks like an impossible challenge might make this summer your best opportunity to find incredible talent.

People Matter

An underdiscussed challenge to recruitment has been one of its most innovative efficiencies: AI and other software that helps prune talent for the best possible candidates. Or so it claims, but is that really what is going on? Software often misses strong candidates who didn’t organize their resume to run the gauntlet of whatever recruiting software you may be using. This depletes your pool of talent to draw from, and probably cuts out candidates who could make an immediate and long-term impact. Using people to recruit, curate, and match talent with your organization will help you in the long run. Using a relationship and process oriented organization, such as Acquire Talent, ensures candidates who are great on paper match with your culture because we operate as an extension of your corporate HR.

Avoid Summer Scheduling Challenges

Working with Acquire Talent also eliminates the burden of coordinating summer schedules, vacations, and any daycare needs – we take care of the leg work for you, so you don’t have to postpone a road trip to fit in an interview with a strong prospect and so they can receive the needed accommodations to make the initial interview stage work.

The Competitive Edge

Keeping the wheels moving over summer can give you a leg up on the competition as well. We’ve all seen the numbers – there are more jobs than people to fill them right now. Staying consistent throughout the year will allow your company to keep positions filled with high-quality candidates who cut the mustard in the skills department and integrate with your corporate culture. In this job market, acquiring the right talent will make the difference how well companies weather the economic storm on the horizon. Partnering with Acquire Talent to find, curate, and match you with the best candidates for your open positions will give you the competitive edge you need.

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