The Art of Writing an Irresistible Job Description

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Attracting top-tier candidates in a competitive job market requires an irresistible job description – not a laundry list of requirements but an invitation to take that next step in their career as part of your team. A well-written job description will engage and entice potential candidates, while making a stellar first impression. So, how do you ensure your job descriptions send the right signals to the right candidates?

Open With a Strong Hook

Your job description’s opening statement is your hook, your chance to grab the reader’s attention. Make sure you use strong verbs in your opening – avoid linking verb statements like, “The [job title] is an essential role.” Avoid standard openings, like “We’re looking for a [Job Title] with [X years of experience],” try to craft an engaging, one-sentence introduction that paints a picture of the role and its significance within your organization. For example, “Join our dynamic team and drive innovation as a [Job Title].” Finding candidates that set themselves apart means your description should as well.

Clearly Define Responsibilities & Impact:

Candidates want to know exactly what they’ll be doing in the role. Use bullet points to outline the key responsibilities and tasks. Avoid filler and unnecessary adjectives – get to the core of what this position requires. Don’t forget to include an impact statement. This will attract top-tier candidates, who often want to know what difference they can make. Describe the role’s contribution to the company’s mission, vision, and goals. Let candidates see how their work will influence the organization and its future.

Showcase Company Culture:

Clearly state company culture, values, and work environment. Not only do candidates want to know what their potential work life will look like, but you will attract better fits to your culture.

A Call to Action:

End your job description with a clear call to action. Encourage candidates to apply and provide instructions on how to do so. Express your enthusiasm for the opportunity to have them on board. Crafting an irresistible job description is a crucial step in attracting candidates who fit your organization’s culture and will add the most value to your team. Working closely with experts, like Acquire Talent, will help you identify, curate, and cultivate talented candidates for your open position – and it starts with writing an irresistible job description.

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