Things you Can Do to Help you Land a Job!

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Some quick tips and ideas💡!

*First, this may sound easy, but think about your interests, are you still interested in working in the same industry when things improve? If not, do your research! Take time to explore jobs in a new industry.

*Make new connections! Use this time to make new connections online, by email or by phone and expand your reach, you never know who can help share their knowledge or put you in touch with a company that is hiring.

*Find a mentor! Find someone in the industry that can help with job tips, insight into the best companies in the industry to work with and guide you with improving your skills.

*Use LinkedIn to expand your network! Follow influencers and industry experts to learn about the industry and jobs you are interested in. This is valuable information to learn and will be helpful once companies start hiring again. You will often be asked about the industry or job-related information at interviews.

*Volunteering or Internships! are a great way to learn, sharpen your skills and help others. It is also a great way to fill in those gaps between jobs on your resume. Yes, employers DO look at volunteering and internships as a great way to gain experience!

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