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Three Reasons Why This Summer Is the Time to Make a Change

Vacations, activities, and the craziness that is a summer schedule – why in the world would you want to add transitioning to a new career in the middle of all that? Whether you are simply looking to take that next step up in your career, need to make a change because your current job just isn’t working, or you are curious about what opportunities are out there, summer can feel restricted and defeating when on the hunt for work.

At Acquire Talent we work closely with a variety of employers across the industries, and there are plenty of reasons why now is the time to take your next career step. Here are three reasons why summer might be the best time for you to consider making that career change…

The Sunk Cost Fallacy

There are quite a few reasons why people do not want to change the status quo, but those could all be simplified into the concept of the sunk cost fallacy. Basically, this is the belief that you should see something through because you have already invested time, energy, and effort into it. We do this with big and small things, but this is pernicious in the workforce. Many people are clinging to jobs they hate because of accrued vacation days, an almost fully vested 401(k), or the next pay bump, but many of these benefits are not worth the day-to-day price of gutting it out. Summer is a great time to look around and break the chains behind your sunk cost fallacy. Many of Acquire Talent’s clients are searching for someone just like you, and, by working with us, you can avoid the challenges of conflicting and busy summer schedules – we are able to work with you on your time.

More opportunities and fewer candidates

We all know how busy summer is. Add to it the challenge of coordinating childcare to schedule an interview or making your vacation and activity schedules match with the HR rep to learn more about that interesting opportunity. Just remember, everyone else is thinking through this same challenge and we are driven by negative emotions. Pushing through this initial dread can move you into a smaller candidate pool and boost your odds of finding that next best fit.

Delayed Opportunities Turn into Missed Opportunities

Predicting the future is a hard business, but Wayne Gretzky put it best: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Waiting for a less busy time of year might mean missing out on that opportunity to transition to the career you’ve been looking for. The risk of starting something new can be the hardest mental hurdle to overcome when searching for a job, and summer provides plenty of distractions to “justify” these excuses, but we all know the dangers of a dream deferred.

Working with Acquire Talent helps alleviate a lot of this summer stress. We connect you with companies that match you… not just your skillset, but your personality and their culture. We coordinate summer schedules so you don’t have to, and we can help connect you where you belong.

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